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Disadvantages of Solar Energy

There’s a lot of talk about the advantages of solar energy and little is said of the disadvantages.

The primary disadvantage of solar power is the expense.

However cost is a disadvantage that is being minimized annually by subsidy programs and cutting edge research.

There is also an environmental disadvantage of solar energy that must be addressed before the solar panels in use now reach the end of their life.

Following are the disadvantages of solar power use. We’ll explore them briefly on this page. For more in depth information on each subject click on the links as you come to them.

  • Cost
  • Location
  • Lead
  • Sulphuric acid
  • Cadmium

The Cost Disadvantage of Solar Energy

Solar energy prices are steadily declining. As new technologies emerge and manufacturing costs are trimmed the cost of solar systems will continue to move downward.

At the same time, rising fossil fuel prices are closing the gap from the other direction.

Cost is functioning it’s thanks to not being Associate in Nursing obstacle.

The Location Disadvantage of Solar Energy

Adequate access to sunshine for an honest a part of the day is another thought.

Few places on earth exist wherever star isn’t Associate in Nursing possibility in a minimum of some capability.
Areas around earth’s belly have the most favourable sun conditions and more constant daylight hours than extreme north or south locations.

Aside from location and cost a couple of environmental factors are lurking in the weeds.

The Primary environmental Disadvantage of alternative energy use are going to be the disposal of materials wont to collect and store the energy once those materials are retired.

The Cadmium Disadvantage of Solar Energy

As things stand straight away, most solar cells are partially composed of cadmium.

Resembling zinc, cadmium is a soft grayish silver metal with none of zinc’s beneficial properties.
Cadmium is highly toxic to the environment and all of it’s inhabitants. That means us humans.
The ultimate disposal of the Cd might produce a heavy environmental injury if handled not suitably.
The story on cadmium.

The Lead Acid Battery Disadvantage of Solar Energy

If you have got Associate in Nursing off grid residential alternative energy system then chances are high that pretty smart that you just have a bank of deep cycle, lead acid batteries.

Their contents of each lead and oil of vitriol area unit deadly to the environment’s air, soil and water and is highly toxic to marine life.

Lead has been found to be a seroius health risk to children.
The good news is that 98% of the materials in dead lead batteries are revoverable when recycled.
There area unit facilities in situ to recycle batteries and a few terribly flourishing strategies to the maximum amount as triple your battery life.

Our healthy battery tips will ensure that your batteries enjoy a long life full of electrifying experiences.

The disadvantages are fast being eliminated. With constant threat of calamity, environmental issues looming and fossil fuel supplies under the control of volatile nations, the disadvantages may become negligible. Daily, researchers discover innovative applications and work to erase the few negative factors that currently exist.

Although there are many more advantages than disadvantages, an honest look at the disadvantages now can prevent us from exchanging one environmental blunder for another.

These issues are not insurmountable by any means.
To responsibly manage our habitat environmental threats need to be addressed before they become more than a little troublesome.

We’ll continue to explore the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy and report our findings here.

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