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Solar Energy Disadvantages

Photovoltaic energy – What is it? Advantages & Disadvantages

Photovoltaic energy

Photovoltaics (often simply called “PV”) is a renewable energy technology that converts the sun’s light, not its heat, directly into electricity. Sunlight shining on specially treated cells or film produces direct-current (DC) electricity. Advantages Working photovoltaic systems are mechanically simple; there are no moving parts in PV cells so the …

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Living Below Your Means

high buildings

Recently, a friend was fretting about her stressful job and the kitchen remodeling project she thought she had to have, when it hit her: those tens of thousands of dollars could stay in the bank and give her some true freedom, a cushion in case her job got to be …

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Disadvantages of Solar Energy

There’s a lot of talk about the advantages of solar energy and little is said of the disadvantages. The primary disadvantage of solar power is the expense. However cost is a disadvantage that is being minimized annually by subsidy programs and cutting edge research. There is also an environmental disadvantage …

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The Lead Acid Battery Disadvantage of Solar Energy

Is the eventual need to replace Lead Acid Batteries If your solar power system is off grid, chances are you have a bank of deep cycle lead acid batteries. Batteries are the one component of an off grid system that require fairly frequent replacement. How frequent depends on several factors …

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The Cadmium Disadvantage of Solar Energy

The future disposal of exhausted solar panels may be a Disadvantage of Solar Energy. That you weren't even aware of Currently many PV panels contain cadmium. Cadmium is a metal that resembles zinc on many levels but lacks zinc’s beneficial properties. Occurring naturally in only small amounts on the earth …

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