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Find Unhealthy Energy in Your Home

bad energy

We are sometimes blind to energetic trouble spots in our homes. There are lots of reasons for this, including that they are so much part of our everyday life we forget to pay attention. I think of energetic trouble spots as those places where the energy is really stuck, resulting …

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Five Guidelines for Keeping Plastics Out of Your Kids

kid recyling plastic

Keeping plastics out of kids’ bodies and out of our homes is a new challenge faced by parents and others around the world. A large study of Swedish children has found that house dust contaminated by plasticizers–phthalates in particular–is associated with higher rates of asthma and allergic diseases. Other evidence …

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Salvage Style: Old Wooden Shutter CD Rack

diy cd rack

The authors of Salvage Style know from personal experience that this shutter CD rack is a good idea because it has their teenager’s seal of approval. Teenagers usually buy CDs more frequently than the rest of us, and as a collection of CDs expands, storage can become a problem. Of …

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Fun Reuse! 10 Bookends You Don’t Have to Buy


You needn’t buy expensive bookends to hold your tomes together on the shelf. Instead, rummage around the house for items that are weighty and attractive. You’re bound to come up with something more unusual than those brass numbers you see in catalogs and department stores. Here are 10 ideas! Small …

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Frequently Asked Questions About Recycling

Metals | Paper | Plastics | Miscellaneous METALS Do I have even to get rid of staples from paper before recycling? No. Metal staples do not ought to be off from paper. Staples (made of steel) are removed at the manufacturing plant mistreatment magnets, screens and filters throughout the pulping …

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