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Energy Solutions From the Sun!

Some Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar energy is free and plentiful, and it is at our disposal for the next million years. Fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil are, in contrast, limited.

solar power

The heating of water for showers, laundry, etc. uses 20 to 50% of all the energy consumed by Canadian homes, contributing about two tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere each year.

The production of CO2 has been the focus of the Kyoto agreement and many other international discussions. CO2 emissions contribute to climate change and global warming.

Why go solar?

Installing a solar hot water heating system is a valuable contribution you can make towards a sustainable environment. You’ll save money too!

solar energy

Once your solar hot water system is in place, you can choose to save even more. Some people save up to 75% of their hot water heating costs by living in greater harmony with the sun: doing laundry on sunny days, for example.

If you heat your home with hot water, whether with radiant floor heating or radiators, your potential to reduce energy costs with a solar heating system is much greater.

Solar Trends

Europe is usually 5 or 10 years ahead of North America in alternative energy trends and technology. This exponential rise in solar energy use in Germany currently translates into an annual decrease of 250,000 tonnes of CO2 emitted through the use of solar heating systems.
Solar energy is on the rise, as fuel prices rise and technology matures.

“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait ’til oil and gas run out before we tackle that.”
Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

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