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Find Unhealthy Energy in Your Home

We are sometimes blind to energetic trouble spots in our homes. There are lots of reasons for this, including that they are so much part of our everyday life we forget to pay attention.

I think of energetic trouble spots as those places where the energy is really stuck, resulting in dis-ease of some sort. Clues of these spots include rooms you can never keep clean, aspects of your home that are chronic irritants, or that you intuitively feel aren’t right or healthy.

Here is a simple and fun way to unlock your intuition to help you find the trouble spots in your home. Once you recognize what they’re you’ll fix them!

At the highest of a blank sheet of paper, write this: 5 Unhealthy Places in My HomeWrite down the primary concepts that come back to you.

Write down the primary concepts that return to you.If you have five that pop into your head, list them. If you only have a few, that is fine, list them.

After you have written down as many trouble spots as you can think of, take your pen or pencil in your non-dominant hand, and write down three or four more trouble spots. Your handwriting will probably look like a child’s just learning to write.

See if writing with your non-dominant hand unlocked a list of unhealthy spots in your home that you might not have consciously thought about, but as soon as you saw them written down you felt were uncannily true.

The list of stuck energy in your home will help you to pay attention to these areas, and I’d recommend that you begin to solve the problems that have been brought to light. Energy is usually stuck because the solution isn’t always clear or easy. I recommend meditating for a solution to complicated challenges. Before you meditate ask for insight about the problem.

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