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Fun Reuse! 10 Bookends You Don’t Have to Buy

You needn’t buy expensive bookends to hold your tomes together on the shelf. Instead, rummage around the house for items that are weighty and attractive. You’re bound to come up with something more unusual than those brass numbers you see in catalogs and department stores. Here are 10 ideas!

  1. Small jars filled with beads, shells, marbles, or colored sand
  2. Decorative beer steins
  3. Ceramic pitchers
  4. Crockery
  5. Duck decoys
  6. Piggy banks filled with change
  7. Small baskets filled with gourds (Shellac the gourds to preserve them.)
  8. Doorstops
  9. Dolls or teddy bears (Try ones that are tall enough to slide into the bookshelf in a sitting position, with their heads barely touching the bottom of the shelf above).
  10. Stirrups

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