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Photovoltaic energy – What is it? Advantages & Disadvantages

Photovoltaics (often simply called “PV”) is a renewable energy technology that converts the sun’s light, not its heat, directly into electricity. Sunlight shining on specially treated cells or film produces direct-current (DC) electricity.


  • Working photovoltaic systems are mechanically simple; there are no moving parts in PV cells so the cells need no maintenance other than periodic cleaning.
  • PV cells generate direct-current electricity which may be keep in batteries and employed in a good vary of voltages counting on the configuration of the battery bank.
  • The production of electricity by the photovoltaic process is quiet and produces no carbon dioxide or other toxic fumes.
  • Use of photovoltaics as a renewable source of electricity will help reduce the state’s almost complete dependence on imported fossil fuels.
  • Photovoltaics permit the employment of electrical lights and alternative instrumentality in isolated area unitas wherever connections to utility power lines are overpriced or not out there.
  • Most electric appliances operate on alternating current, although some appliances are made to operate on direct current. Highly efficient and reliable inverters (which change PV-generated direct current electricity into the alternatiing current used in most homes and buidlings) are now available at a reasonable cost.


  • Photovoltaic-produced electricity is presently dearer than power provided by utilities.
  • Photovoltaic cells must have light to create electricity. Shade from clouds, trees or nearby buildings reduce the output from a PV system. Batteries must be used to store electricity for use during non-sunlight hours.
  • PV systems which are connected to utility lines must provide power which is compatible with that of the utility and may require special interconnection equipment.
  • Batteries need periodic maintenance and replacement.
  • Some of the materials utilized in the producing foreign terrorist organization PV panels area unit harmful.

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