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Reduce Utility Bills by Helping Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning is important during the hot summer months. In the summer, it could account for up to 70% of the electricity bill. There are various basic adjustments that can help you to get control of the situation and minimize your utility bills. The subsequent tips can help you minimize your power intake.

Do not purchase an air conditioner that is too big. You should ensure that the air conditioner you install to keep your residence cool is proportional to the size of your house. A large unit will certainly cool the house quicker but overall, it will use large amounts of energy when bought for a smaller house. It is also bad for the AC because it causes it to cycle on and off too often causing unnecessary wear and tear.

Unit placement is quite important. Do not place the unit in a hot spot. The main job of the unit is to keep your home cool. It should be put in a spot where the temperature is minimal. If you place it in a hot area, it will use significantly more power to cool the house. As a result of the added workload, the money you shell out to repair it will also be more. You should always stay away from putting it in areas that are exposed to direct sun light. Planting a tree that will shade the air conditioner is also beneficial. Regardless of how bad a unit appears, it has to be kept in the open. Ventilation is very crucial for an air conditioning unit. If you locate it in an area with insufficient air flow, it means that the unit will use more energy to keep your house cool.

Maintenance is a critical step. You should not believe that since the air conditioner performs only during the summer, it doesn’t need to be maintained. The truth is that winter weather conditions might be harder on the unit than a summer of working. Parts like rubber seals might get significantly damaged by winter conditions. This may result in leaks, which means that your unit will have to work harder to make up for problems. Regular maintenance checks will remind you to repair air conditioner problems, which would make sure that your unit runs effectively when it is needed.

Incorrect placement of the thermostat can lead to problems. You should ensure that you install the thermostat in a place where it will read the room temperature most accurately. Locating it near heat sources such as incandescent light bulbs will cause them to record temperatures incorrectly. Thus, the air conditioner would have to work harder. An ideal place for a thermostat would be in the hallway.

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